The Benefits Of Flossing

Cleaning your teeth daily is an excellent approach to maintaining good oral health because bacteria buildup can lead to cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

Brushing is necessary. Did you know, though, that simply brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep your mouth healthy? Floss can reach between your teeth and beneath your gum line in ways that your toothbrush cannot.

Why Is Flossing Necessary?

Some foods get stuck between our teeth, producing plaque and, in the long term, dental problems. A traditional toothbrush is incapable of reaching all of the gaps between the teeth and removing food particles that have become stuck.

Flossing can aid in the prevention of plaque formation and the preservation of your teeth. It is a type of interdental cleaning that will help you enhance your oral hygiene practices.

How Should You Floss Your Teeth?

  • Cut an 18- to 24-inch length of dental floss.
  • To hold it properly, wrap the majority of the floss around both of your middle fingers.
  • Hold the floss using your index fingers and your thumbs.
  • Put a piece of dental floss between two adjacent teeth.
  • Carefully slide the floss up and down the tooth, rubbing both surfaces.
  • When you get to the gums, form a C with the floss at the base of the tooth. This permits the floss to get between your gums and teeth.
  • Repeat the method from tooth to tooth, flossing each tooth with a fresh piece of floss.

Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth

  • Flossing Complements Brushing 

When you brush your teeth without flossing, a significant amount of the surface of your teeth is not cleaned properly. This is because the bristles of your toothbrush cannot reach so far. Unlike a toothbrush, dental floss can effectively remove food and bacteria from between your teeth.

  • Prevents Tooth Decay

When food becomes lodged between your teeth or in hard-to-reach places, dangerous bacteria feast and gradually damage your teeth. As a result, cavities are most typically seen between your teeth. Flossing is an efficient method for eliminating food particles between your teeth and protecting them from decay.

  • Prevents Gum Disease

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day helps to keep gum disease at bay. Professional cleanings performed every six months might also aid in the health of your gums.

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