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Periodontal Therapy In Arlington, TX

Visiting your dentist regularly not only keeps you safe from dental disease but also prevents you from the risk of other diseases. For example, a patient can know about diabetes by getting a routine dental checkup. It is relatively beneficial as multiple people are unaware of existing conditions.

Apart from diabetes, the dentist tends to detect other infections outside your mouth. This can be done by evaluating the teeth and gums of the patients thoroughly. Periodontal therapy is among those treatments that eliminate the risk of health problems.

But what exactly is this therapy, and how can one benefit from it? Keep up with the blog to find out the answer to these questions.

What is Periodontal Therapy?

Periodontal Therapy involves a type of conservative or non-surgical treatment for teeth and gum disease. It aims at treating and managing periodontal disease without performing surgery and restores the health of the gum, thereby preventing tooth loss.

Procedure Involved in Periodontal Therapy

Every periodontal therapy begins with professional oral cleaning. It involves teeth cleaning that is performed during a routine dental checkup. It is done to eliminate the layer of plaque or tartar from the teeth. Then, the dentist performs specialized treatment that includes:


Sometimes, plaque and tartar get accumulated on the surface of the teeth and below the gumline. It can be caused due to moving gums from the teeth. So, the dentist performs scaling to remove this stubborn tartar.

Root Planing

In root planing, the dentist smooths out the area affecting the root of your teeth. It is done to eliminate bacteria build-up from crevices. It also ensures that gums have a fresh and clean surface to get attached to.


In some cases, dentists use gels in Periodontal therapy. The gels eliminate bacteria from the mouth. It also treats the swollen gums, thereby shrinking periodontal pockets. You will also be provided with an antimicrobial mouth rinse that you can even use at home.

Aftercare Tips

The dentist allows you to follow your oral health routine after the therapy. You also need to consume fruits that act as an immunity booster and veggies to heal your gums faster.

If you are prescribed antibiotics, ensure you complete your medication. It will help you reduce excessive bacteria from the mouth. Also, visit your dentist for a follow-up and routine dental checkup every six months.

Oak Dentistry offers advanced periodontal therapy procedures at Arlington, TX. For more details and appointments, call us at (817) 375-0400. You can also book online or visit us at 7416 S Cooper St STE 100, Arlington, TX 76001.

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