Oral Hygiene Maintenance in Arlington, TX

Oral Hygiene Maintenance in Arlington, TX

At times your comprehensive exam may reveal the need for a dedicated hygiene plan. If this is the case, your dentist in Arlington, TX will refer you to our in-house dental hygienists who can assess your teeth and gums while providing you with a professional cleaning.

Our gentle and precise hygienists use modern equipment to comfortably clean your teeth and remove plaque from around the gum line. You or your child may also require a fluoride treatment to boost your levels and help protect your teeth.

As part of our commitment to preventative and ongoing dental care, our hygienists will spend some time discussing your at-home oral routine. If there are areas for improvement, they will explain how you can make the changes and the benefits these will bring. We’ll never judge you or make you feel guilty, but rather, we genuinely want you to have the healthiest smile possible.

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