Laser Dentistry in Arlington, TX

Laser Dentistry in Arlington, TX

Dr. Lim is committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in every aspect of his treatment. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive, state-of-the-art option we offer when you’re facing gum surgery, cavity treatment, or other oral issues.

Here at Oak Dentistry, we utilize diode laser technology to perform cosmetic gum augmentation, aid in the treatment of periodontal disease, and other non-invasive procedures.

During your laser dentistry treatment, you won’t feel any vibrations or discomfort like you would from a traditional dental drill. The lasers also help make procedures go more smoothly and reduce discomfort and healing time – the perfect combination we want to achieve for our patients. Other benefits include:

  •  Less sutures are required
  •  Anesthesia may not be necessary
  •  Reduced risk of infection
  •  There is less damage to the gums
  •  Patients lose less blood

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