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Family Dentistry in Arlington, TX

The goal of family dentistry is to address the oral health needs of patients of any age, from children to elders, in one place. At Oak Dentistry that is exactly what our dedicated dentists offer patients in and around Arlington, Texas.

General Dentistry vs Family Dentistry - What’s the Difference?

A family dentist understands that the needs of children are different from the needs of adults, so they offer specialized care to meet each patient’s unique oral health needs.

Family dentists know the changes a child's mouth goes through as they get older and accordingly understand the need for a varied approach in treatment, the same as they understand the needs of older patients and their specific requirements.

Family Dentistry Services at Oak Dentistry

At Oak Dentistry, our family dentistry services are focused on preventative care and maintaining your oral health. The family dentistry services we provide include:

Regular exams and cleanings

Regular appointments every 6 months help patients of all ages prevent oral health problems like tooth decay and gingivitis. These checkups also ensure the proper development of your child's teeth.

Sealants and fluoride treatments

Children are at a higher risk for tooth decay, that is why our dentists recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Placing dental fillings and checking for cavities

Tooth decay is a common issue that can be prevented. Our dentists provide cavity treatments and fillings for patients of all ages.

Orthodontic treatments

Our dentists also provide specialized orthodontic treatments and procedures.

Gum disease treatments

At Oak Dentistry, we provide advanced gum disease and periodontal treatments like scaling and root planing to prevent periodontitis.

The Importance of Family Dentistry

Family dentists can treat young children, teens, adults, and the elderly, all under one roof, and develop a relationship based on trust with you. As young children, in particular, can find visiting a dentist stressful, it is important that they feel comfortable in the dentist's office and with the staff.

Finding a local family dentist is a surefire way of keeping your family comfortable when it’s time to get your dental issues addressed and allows you to do this at a time that is convenient for the whole family.

You will have a much easier time keeping up with your family’s regular dental visits when you choose a local dentist.

Oak Dentistry in Arlington, Texas, offers family dentistry services for the whole family and flexible appointments. For more details, contact us at (817) 375-0400. You can also book online or visit our office at 7416 S Cooper St STE 100, Arlington, TX 76001.

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