Common Dental Emergencies And First Aid

Pediatric and adult dental emergencies are common. Oral injuries, broken teeth, oral infections, and extreme pain can cause bleeding from the mouth. If you have a dental emergency, you should see a dentist right away to avoid further damage and restore oral health.

Dental Emergencies

  • Abscesses/Infections 

Poor oral hygiene and gum disease commonly cause abscesses and infections. A chronic health condition like diabetes may also increase your risk. Untreated dental infections may spread throughout the body.

  • Bleeding 

The mouth and gums can be injured by being hit or by falling on your face. If you notice bleeding from a mouth injury, seek immediate medical attention and a dentist.

  • Dental Fractures

Dental fractures can occur from biting hard food or candy, or from being hit in the mouth. If you have a cracked tooth, find the pieces and go to the dentist.

  • Unstable Teeth 

Unstable teeth can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or a mouth injury. In some cases, a dentist can repair and stabilize a tooth, avoiding extraction.

  • Missing Teeth 

Missing teeth are a dental emergency. Getting hit in the face or having your jaw hit a hard object causes this. The teeth can be reimplanted if you save them and get to a dentist quickly.

  • Toothache 

Toothaches can be caused by cavities, filling loss, gum disease, or inflammation. You should see a dentist right away to determine the source of the pain.

  • Dental First Aid

In dental emergencies, reducing pain and swelling is important, as is locating any chipped or missing teeth. Many dentists advise creating a dental first aid kit, similar to the ones you keep in your home and car.

  • Painkillers and Cold Compresses

For mouth injuries, swelling, and toothaches, a cool, wet washcloth or ice pack may help. You can also take Tylenol or an oral anesthetic to help relieve pain while driving to the emergency dentist.

  • Locate Missing Teeth/Chips

Do not touch the root of a tooth that is knocked out. Replace the tooth if you can. Sterile gauze can help secure the tooth. Keep it in your dental first aid kit. It is a Save-a-Tooth system. Mouth injuries, oral infections, abscesses, and toothaches can all benefit from a warm salt water rinse. Make an emergency dentist appointment.

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